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Condition: 26 days / month / 2600km / 8:00 -17: 00
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As a model with advanced appearance, luxury suitable for road tours across Vietnam with a large number of tourists, the car is imported brand name from Korea. Not only that, this model also has a engine with strong scientific parameters that can withstand terrain factors and save fuel for long trips.
Aero Hi Class is a more advanced car than Space, from the design you can easily see that the Hi Class is quite outstanding, the machinery system is also upgraded and improved quite a lot by the manufacturer. Increased working efficiency helps the engine healthier and quieter operation.
Technical data
Number of seats: 45 seats Design: Versatile
Fuel: Oil Origin: imported from Hyundai Korea
 Other information:
+ Engine: Model D6CH38
+ Air conditioning: capacity of 28,000 Kcal
Just like every other car Hi Class is fully equipped with equipment for the travel process such as sound systems, lighting systems, refrigerators, … The seats have greatly improved the smoothness of the seats, and can recline to help the process go without back fatigue, improved suspension system the car can walk on hilly, rocky terrain.
With the price is also quite comfortable, the Hyundai Aero Hi Class is being used by many people, the ventilation system is automatically controlled, 2-way air conditioning, with niches for luggage for riders extremely convenient. If you want to go on a long trip, the Hi Class is suitable for you.


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