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Mercedes E300 is the latest 2020 version of the E-Class, the appearance of this car once again confirms the superior class of Mercedes car manufacturer when launching an entirely new E Class with far-reaching improvements. All competitors in the same luxury sedan segment.
Design E300 AMG
The appearance of the 2020 Mercedes E300 is not as sporty as the C Class but also not as elegant as the S Class.
This car is a harmonious combination of the two above models with a higher level of C Class.
This car is quite suitable for people of middle age from 30 under 40 showing success, maturity and maturity.
Front LED light is the first attraction with extremely beautiful design.
Underneath that beauty is the most advanced headlight technology of renowned Mercedes Benz – Multibeam headlights. Inside, there are 84 LED sensors that can automatically adjust the brightness to ensure the most convenient for the driver.
In the event the opposite vehicle is going in the opposite direction on the freeway, the sensor system will record the movement and reduce the light coming into that vehicle area. Therefore, the vehicle coming will not be dazzled.
In addition, the car can also adjust the level and range of lighting in other cases such as raining roads, roads with signal lights, roads in residential areas with many people crossing the road, and changing the angle of projection when shooting. front of the car., ….
Besides the state-of-the-art LED system, the front lamp cluster also has 4 daytime positioning LED strips running along the extremely sharp and unique nose direction.
Under the LED system is the front grille. With the 2 style chrome plated chrome design hugging the logo behind the 3 middle wings.
The front bumper of the AMG sports design with 2 large wind vents shaped like the rotor, the design often seen on AMG sports cars creates the eye-catching look and sportiness of this Mercedes E300 AMG.
Overall dimensions of Mercedes E300:
Length: 4923 mm
Width: 1852 mm
Height: 1468 mm
Wheelbase is 2939 mm
Overall, few people can resist the exquisite beauty of the Mercedes E300.
Body with embossed ribs in the body. The road nearly runs from the front of the car, through the door handle and stops at the point connected to the corner of the taillights. This design creates aerodynamics and elegance, exuding a sporty appearance of the vehicle.
This detail helps the car become healthier and more elegant. The 19-inch contrasting 5-spoke dual-color dual 5-spoke steering wheel is extremely beautiful.
Go to the rear of the car, the rear light has a 3-leaf design similar to the C Class but the brake lights are designed in an extremely “strange, strange” style that helps the E300 become luxurious and mysterious. under the dark.
Technical data
Colors: Black, White …Seatss:5 seats
Engine: 2356 cc
Drive: FWD – Drive the front wheels
Gear box: stepless
Luxurious interior style and shimmering beauty is the strength of Mercedes, the interior of the Mercedes E300 2020 car has all the most quintessential about Mercedes design technology.
The interior of Mercedes E300 with AMG package is equipped and sophisticated design, using advanced materials and exquisitely machined to every detail.
The pair of large 12.3-inch double screens is the first highlight that draws attention to those who get into the Mercedes E300. On the left is a screen showing basic specifications such as vehicle speed, fuel meter, … The right shows the entertainment features on the car as well as control the driving mode.
The next highlight is sporty in the interior compartment which is the steering wheel with the alternating design below.
The steering wheel is covered with high-quality Nappa leather with ventilation holes for a very smooth and comfortable feeling when driving even during long periods of time.
On the steering wheel of the Mercedes E300, in addition to the usual control keys, there are two additional touch keys used to navigate the functions on two large screens.
These two keys have extremely high precision and precision to help you control the functions in the car correctly.
The center console area is designed in a seamless pattern with a winding dashboard. The tap board is designed from metallic yarn with a very unique checker pattern.
The minimalist style of the Mercedes E300 is evident in the center console area. The function keys are arranged symmetrically through a mechanical watch placed in the center.
Below the touch control key is the featured roller that controls the COMMAND ONLINE entertainment center system and the driving mode setting keys such as speed limit, automatic throttle, voice control, etc.
All seats in the car are covered with high quality nappa leather that is extremely smooth and has a soothing aroma.
You will not be afraid of slipping when the car is folded because the seat is designed to hug quite close to the body with the backrest and side are designed properly with the sitting position of the customer.
The LED border inside the interior runs along the edges of details such as the center console, seats and doors. Interior LED lighting system of Mercedes E300 has a total of 64 colors for you to choose.
In addition, there are other valuable interior amenities such as sunroof, electric sunroof, sunroof, high quality surround sound system with 13 Burmester speakers for up to 590W. Qi wireless charger, 3-zone Thermotronic air conditioning system and many other interior amenities.
The soundproofing ability inside the interior of the interior is extremely good, you can hardly hear the noise from outside when the car is moving on the road, helping you not tired when traveling long journeys.


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