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Life is a series of endless journeys – where bravery confronts challenges, where power breaks all limits. Honda has officially introduced the fifth-generation Honda CRV 2019 with a completely powerful design and engine, let’s join the Honda CR-V 2019 to inherit and create new journeys from today. and powerful in every movement with VTEC TURBO engine, comfortable and advanced with a completely new 7-seater design – all the limits step back before you and the new Honda CR-V.

Honda CRV 2019 is one of the models from Honda that has been designed and breathtakingly brought to form a strong, attractive design in every detail, even the smallest on the car. With powerful design lines that are luxurious and sophisticated, Honda CR-V 2019 brings an irresistible appeal to its owners. The entire front end of the car exudes power, from a high capo system, a large honeycomb grille and chrome-plated bars that make the Honda CR-V look a lot more muscular. On the side of the Honda CRV 2019, the front and rear rows of seats have a large opening that helps people get in and out easily. But the biggest impression of CR-V is the part that is designed in the rear of the car. From the full LED taillights to the complete disappearance of a “humpback” in the previous generation, instead and that’s the overall design is very beautiful.
The car lighting systems are equipped with a full LED technology, the design of the headlights is a trait that many people enjoy. The headlights of the car have an auto mode to automatically turn on.

Technical data

Engine: I4Seats:5 seats
Gearbox: 9-speed automatic 9G-TRONICSpeed: 250km/h
Drive: Rear axle


Accompanying the driver will be a three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with 4-way adjustment. At the corner of 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are two sets of buttons such as hands-free conversation, audio adjustment and Cruise Control settings. The center armrest and the large storage compartment are comfortable for personal items such as phones and bags.

All seats on the O to Honda CR-V 2019 are upholstered in high quality leather, black for the L and beige gold for the E versions. In the front row, the 8-way power driver’s seat, back pump support and seats 4-way mechanical adjustment for both versions.The enlarged dimensions and a new 7-seater design for you and your loved ones to enjoy every journey in the most comfortable and flexible way. the exquisite design lines with high quality materials and equipped with modern technology features. Every minute in your cockpit is more visually appealing and exciting than ever before. Opening and closing the trunk is easier and more convenient than ever with the power adjustment feature and the ability to change the opening and closing height. (L) .The panoramic sunroof catches the sun and the breeze for you to accompany the beautiful nature (L)


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