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Hyundai Universe standard Euro 4 car has a modern and strong exterior design with high aesthetic and aerodynamic efficiency. The front and rear still retain the characteristics of Hyundai Universe, the car is equipped with D6CK Diesel engine with turbocharger technology to meet Euro 4 emission standards, equipped with many high-end comfort facilities. Roof for passengers with a long journey. Passenger car Hyundai Universe has affirmed its leading position in the large luxury passenger car segment.
About the exterior
Hyundai Universe is distributed with 2 standard and premium versions. The most noticeable upgrade is the completely new appearance completely changed from the previous version, Hyundai Universe has the standard overall size for a spacious and comfortable 47-seat car.
Specifically, the Hyundai Universe car has a size of 12,060 mm, a width of 2,495 mm without a mirror, a height of 3,570, a wheelbase of 6,120 mm, providing an optimal storage space and passenger compartment. The statue with large windshield gives the impression of airy space and open space. The standard version of the 47-seat Hyundai car will have a windshield divided into two pieces and for the high-end version, the windshield will be a monolithic plate for more luxury and luxury. Exquisitely arranged in combination with the undercarriage for optimal illumination and high aesthetics. Wide-view electric rearview mirror offers the convenience and safety of the driver. The tail section is impressively designed with prominent ribs combined with vertical rear light cluster to increase the ability. Identify at night the overhead brake lights combined with the upper wind tail bring aesthetics and high safety. The two sides of the 47-seat Hyundai vehicle are glazed, providing a luxurious look when viewed across the vehicle.
Another important upgrade is that Hyundai engineers designed the air conditioner to be mounted on the roof of the car and welded the frame to the body to reduce noise and dynamic content for the passenger compartment.
Technical data
Number of seats: 45 seats Design: Versatile
Fuel: Oil Origin: imported from Hyundai Korea
 Other information:
+ Engine: D6CK38E4 / D6CK41E4
+ Gear box: M1285 – R
About the interior
The driver compartment of the 47-seat Hyundai passenger car is designed to blend modern style and many utilities necessary for long-distance driving. The function keys are arranged reasonably convenient for the operation of the driver, from the position of the driver’s seat can observe a very wide angle thanks to the high sitting position.
The driving glass is wide and scientifically arranged so the driver can see it easily. Universe cars are equipped with large-capacity air conditioning clusters of control buttons located on the left of the driver’s seat, which are shaped to easily control. Besides, the large central instrument cluster clearly and visually displays the operating parameters of the vehicle. The infotainment system DVD, Radio, AUX, … is arranged very convenient for the driver. Customers can choose to retrofit such as refrigerators, TVs, amplifiers, mic, … Customers on the car can enjoy the spacious space with large overall size. Hyundai Universe has an optimal interior compartment to help Passengers can fully store and store their belongings easily without having to struggle, every passenger seat is covered with high-grade leather that can be easily folded to bring optimal comfort.
To ensure safety while operating the entire seat position in the 45-seat car Universe has a seat belt. Each seat has air conditioning and reading lights for passenger convenience. Vehicles equipped with decorative LED strips running along the body of the high-end version also have LED strip on the ceiling to bring luxury to the car.


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