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Rated as a car with solid appearance and comfort, Innova E floor number is always in the top best-selling car models on the market.
To know what Toyota has brought about to make this Innova so attractive, please join us to find out the following information.
The first impression of the exterior of the car is subtle but powerful. Through the versions produced, Toyota still retains the “god” for this MPV vehicle.
Modern style, sure and very personality. It can conquer all tastes of customers, even the most demanding users.
The front of the car through the versions are highlighted by the appearance of a hexagonal radiator combined with the headlamps and front bumper to create a very impressive and unique three-dimensional space. The headlight system uses multidimensional Halogen lamps for better projection angle.
Combined with that is a very dynamic diamond-shaped fog lamp and personality combined with chromed lampshades for a luxurious look.
Outside, the car is equipped with rearview mirror system with adjustment feature and integrated turn light. Rearview mirror has the same color with the car’s color scheme so it always brings a sense of harmony, very elegant.
The floor of the Innova tail has some impressive highlights to create a very strong and stylish angular for the car’s exterior. Combined with that is a trendy rear light cluster that helps flatter the aesthetics of the design of the new generation.
The choice of alloy wheels helps ensure durability and certainty higher on each road. Toyota Innova wheels with 5 large, 16 inch, three spoke pin in each spoke. This is a model that can bring peace of mind and absolute satisfaction of the user once selected.
Technical data
Number of seats: 8 seats Design: Versatile
Fuel: Gasoline Origin: Domestic vehicle
 Other information:
+ 5-speed manual
+ Gasoline engine with a capacity of 1,998 cm3
Luxury and class are the words chosen to describe Innova interior floor number. All versions of the Innova 2.0E have a brown interior.
This color gamut has the ability to enhance the class and sophistication for the owner effectively. Moreover, it also brings a much wider, more open space.
The parts in the car are made of durable materials. Typically, the steering wheel has been used by the manufacturer Urethane material.
Combined with that, it also integrates many modern and very elegant features, bringing the most economic efficiency. For example: hands-free phone, audio control buttons, multi-information display …
To ensure the highest control when behind the wheel, Innova E floor also has a dashboard with modern features. Especially, the multi-information display is the most accurate and clear.
An indispensable point about the interior is the car has many ways to arrange the seat in the car so that it is most convenient for many different cases.
This feature helps this Innova model get the advantage of “scoring points” higher in the eyes of customers. It can carry a generous luggage compartment for you to use if there is room for luggage.


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