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29-seat county bus has been improved better, to meet the travel needs of everyone. Not only is it a passenger vehicle, the 29-seat Hyundai county is now a mobile home. Vehicles modified to have more space, making passengers more comfortable. The most notable is the luxurious appearance, along with fully furnished modern furniture. Help customers to ride no longer tired, uncomfortable, instead of the comfort and convenience that Hyundai county 29 seats bring.
Overview of Hyundai County 29 Seats
When entering the car, the first feeling that you feel is probably the spaciousness, comfort that 29-seat County brings. Wood-paneled tablo, bringing the familiar elegance of imported Hyundai passenger cars. Modern electronic control panel, easy to use, observe and manipulate. Because it is a passenger car, Hyundai equips many vehicles with amenities for passengers and drivers, such as:
Steering wheel nodded, power
Adjustable seats
Sun visors
Touch screen, VCD, MP3, Rear camera
Cigarette smoking pipe
Electric glass
Air conditioner large capacity
Automatic door up and down
Car audio system
Ceiling light system
Luggage rack and storage compartment
Rows of seats 2-2 gallant
County Exterior 29 seats
The exterior of this County 29 long-body car is quite clearly designed compared to the old version. The car has a modern design, with a strong and luxurious exterior of passenger cars, aerodynamic design helps the car move easily, reducing wind resistance.
The front of the car has an extremely prominent chrome-plated grille, along with a headlight cluster, modern and energetic, chrome trim borders to bring the sleek and luxurious front end. In addition, there are turn signals, fog lights, taillights, warning lights on both sides.
Vehicles equipped with wide-view glass, can see the entire front and 2 sides, eliminating blind spots that are difficult to see. 7m3 wide, helping the car to carry a lot of goods, personal belongings of customers.
Technical data
Number of seats: 29 seats Design: Versatile
Fuel: Oil Origin: Domestic car
 Other information:
+ Gearbox: Number of floors, 5 forward and 1 reverse speeds
+ D4GA14 engine, turbocharger, Euro IV
Hyundai Long Body County, painted with modern paint technology, up to International standards, gives the exterior a glossy, luxurious look that will not fade over time. The chassis and satxi are made of thick steel, have extremely high hardness, helping the car to be durable, good impact resistance.
29 Seats Car Engine
Hyundai Long Body, equipped with D4GA14 Diesel engine block, turbocharged Tubo, with a cylinder capacity of up to 3933cc, helps to create a maximum capacity of 140 horsepower, providing strong and durable operation. belgium for the car. With engine meeting Euro4 emission standards friendly to the environment, helping the car to save fuel.
The car operates with a manual transmission, 5 forward and 1 backwards, making it extremely easy to move on all roads. Vehicles use drum brakes, vacuum assist, help vehicles move safely on all roads.


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