1Airport (limited 3.5 hours)800,000
2Full day (limited 100km/hours)1,300,000
3Suburban (less than 200km/2 ways)1,500,000
4Suburban (more than 200k/2 ways)8,000/km
5The working time:7:00 ~18:00

Isuzu Samco is a 35-seat sedan manufactured by Isuzu, based on passenger car standards with attractive design and luxurious comfort. It is a 35-seat car with the widest guest room and wide seating. It is the most available on the market.

With high end interiors such as reading lights, windshields, night lights, lights, you can read books, adjust chairs and lighting in the chair. Denso’s automotive air conditioning system demonstrates powerful power even under the most severe climatic conditions.

The sound entertainment system is skillfully placed in the seat. Guests are free to choose from four entertainment channels, including one radio channel, two music channels, and one channel connected to the DVD system.

With these advantages, Isuzu Samco is an indispensable list of vehicles suitable for travel, corporate and office excursions …

VIETTRA wishes you a “travel comfort – safety – and save money” trip.


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