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Exterior Ford Transit car – superficial, huge
Our first impression of the Transit is a superficial and solid Minibus. The car has an overall dimensions length x width x height of 5780 x 2000 x 2360 mm respectively with “weight” up to 2455 kg, the total weight of 3730 kg.
Top car
The front of the Transit car brings a bright look and look thanks to its height advantage. The most prominent is the trapezoidal grille with 3 floors of air inlets to help the engine inside to be optimally cooled.
Transit headlights have a huge sail-shaped design that helps the Halogen headlights have a large and strong lighting area. Besides, the driver can easily adjust the brightness and the appropriate viewing angle through the headlight control button.
The two circular fog lamps below are arranged low to facilitate scanning near the road. This will be an effective aid for drivers when traveling in bad weather conditions, the roads are foggy.
Vehicle body
A big plus for the side of the car when all the window glass is dark insulated glass. Not only helps limit harsh sunlight but also creates a luxurious feeling when viewed from the outside.
Transit rearview mirrors are rectangular in vertical form with a large cross section to expand the driver’s view. Comes with an electrical control feature to cut off the operation of putting hands out. Underneath is a compact 16-inch rim set to make room for the thick tires found on the 16-seat Minibus.
The 16-seater Transit is the only model in the segment that has a rear side opening method, which facilitates cargo handling.
Transit taillights are too familiar with a long cylindrical design, increasing attention when going at night. At the top are two separate brake lights located on each side of the door to help rear vehicles easily see.
Technical data
Number of seats: 16 seats Design: Versatile
Fuel: Oil Origin: Domestic car
 Other information:
+ Gear box: 6-speed manual
+ 2.4L-TDCi Turbo Diesel engine
Interior of Ford Transit – spacious
Ford Transit has a wheelbase of 3750 mm, the largest in the segment, you will easily feel the extremely spacious space when you step inside.
The dashboard area is not impressive, but it is very useful with many storage compartments and is very durable over time. The car uses a large size 4-spoke steering wheel that helps the driver get the most honest feedback.
The driver’s seat is highly favored thanks to the independent structure, separate from the 2 passenger seats. Especially, the driver’s seat can be adjusted in 6 directions and has a armrest that reduces the feeling of tiredness when away.
Rows 2, 3 and 4 have a three-seat structure adjacent to leave the path on the door. This design is highly appreciated because it creates convenience for moving up and down passengers.
The rows of seats can recline to create a slope that helps reduce fatigue on the long journeys.
Luggage compartment
Thanks to the backdoor structure that opens behind the sides, loading and unloading of goods also becomes easier. However, when seat 4 is used, the luggage space will be very narrow. So if you want to have storage space, you must fold this row.
Comfort – enough to use
The cooling system of Minibus Ford Transit works very dark thanks to the equipped with two air conditioners. Each rear seat is also arranged 2 air conditioning doors. In addition, the help of the dark glass doors increases the operational efficiency of the air conditioner.
The infotainment system on the Ford 16-seater Transit is not very modern but is sufficient to meet the basic entertainment needs of passengers. Specifically include:
AM / FM radio
USB / SD port
12V power outlet
4-speaker sound system
In addition, the car also has: driver window and auxiliary control electric, central electric door lock, steps up and down sliding doors, remote control door locks.


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