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You can clearly see that Honda Civic is not a “popular” model. Because, Civic 2020 is designed with a sporty, powerful and dynamic style that is very picky about customers, with a dynamic and sporty style.

Not everyone likes the Honda Civic but if you have a crush on this car, it’s hard to stop. The feeling that Honda Civic brings to the driver is “unique” that almost no “rival” can match. If you want to own a Japanese car with a unique sport design and a “driving” feeling,Honda Civic is the choice for you.

Honda Civic sports quality is most evident when the car reaches a speed of 60km / h, especially with the latest version using a 1.5L Turbo engine. At low rpm range below 2,500 rpm, sometimes the car is still not “loading” really. But at the higher rev range, over 3,000 rpm, the driver may notice the “thing” when driving the Civic.

The ability to accelerate from 0 – 80km / h of Honda Civic is extremely impressive. Despite the high speed, the driver can still feel the sensitivity of the steering wheel. Unlike sedans of the same segment or higher segments often have a flux of speed when running on 120km / h, with Honda Civic, the steering wheel or body is still quite compact, giving you stability. fixed and secure.

Technical data
Designs: SedanSeats:5 seats
Động cơ:1498-1996cc
Hộp số:Number of floors / Stepless

On the other hand, at an average speed range of 20 – 50km / h when walking in the city, the Honda Civic steering wheel is quite light, giving accurate feedback to easily manage in narrow spaces. The driver can sense the road surface as well as the steering angle and wheel position. In the medium-high speed range, the steering wheel adjusts for a more compact feel. The body is quite stable when running at higher speeds, not inferior to the “elder” Honda Accord.

Honda Civic has a lot of driving modes that bring a different experience to the driver depending on the road. Using mode D in combination with Eco features, the vehicle operates smoothly, accelerates slowly, has high fuel economy, suitable for moving in urban areas. When switched to S mode, the driver can also clearly feel sports.

A slight kick under the accelerator also made the speed jump immediately with a rotation of 5,000 – 6,000 rpm. The car zooms faster forward. The support for gear shift behind the steering wheel has made the driver more flexible when running on steep, difficult roads. Using S mode, along with the manual shift, the driver can choose the appropriate low gear level to make the car stronger.

A valuable advantage that many people like in the Honda Civic is that the A-angle is increasingly improved to provide better visibility for the driver. The A-pillars have been squeezed more compact, and the small triangle-shaped window frame next to the rearview mirror has also been expanded. This makes it easy for the driver to observe when cornering at intersections or running into the roundabout.

Through the generations, the soundproofing capacity of Honda Civic has been improved more clearly than before. The car has little bouncing condition and less annoying noise when moving into bad roads. The sound of the wind is also limited significantly when you run at speeds above 80km / h.


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