1. Stay focused

Over 70% of accidents are caused by drivers not focusing on driving. Always remember that your own life and the lives of others are in our hands. Therefore, when you hold the steering wheel, always focus on driving the car to move safely.

kinh nghiệm lái xe an toàn
When driving, do not use your phone to distract you

2. Do not drive after drinking alcohol

This is one of the safe driving experiences we hear every day but it’s not easy to do. Limit drinks with high alcohol content for the health and safety of yourself and our family.

kinh nghiệm lái xe an toàn
Không uống rượu bia khi lái xe

3. Driving in rainy or windy conditions

When it rains, you should turn on the lights, slow down, drive carefully when there are dust, away from motorbikes and bicycles, check the car door carefully, when it rains the road will be very slippery, you have to handle the brakes, beat drive, turn signals earlier, keep more distance from cars in the same direction, use rain wipers and glass drying with appropriate mode to have the best view. Do not go at a speed of more than 80km / h, keep driving and throttle down, never brake quickly. If you encounter stormy weather, strong winds, drivers should find shelter and go at a very slow speed.

kinh nghiệm lái xe an toàn
Lái xe an toàn khi đi dưới trời mưa

4. Do not tailgate the vehicle

Many people ride on the road or tailgate when passing in the same direction. This is very dangerous because I do not see clearly the road and the situation ahead. When the car in front of you has finished and swerved into the right lane, you will see a car running in the opposite direction and drive straight into you. As a result, you have seen too much …

5. Always keep a safe distance when driving

When the road surface is dry, the safe distance at each speed is prescribed in Article 12 of Circular No. 91/2015 / TT-BGTVT as follows (applicable to motorbikes and cars):

  • When it rains, is foggy, the road surface is slippery, the road has crooked terrain and a mountain pass, the driver must adjust the appropriate safety distance larger than the safety distance indicated on the signs or above regulations.

    6. Always obey posted signs, lanes, and traffic signals

    Accidents are mostly caused by reckless driving, not moving at the right speed, the prescribed lane, going in the opposite direction, passing a red light, causing serious consequences. Compliance with traffic laws is a way to protect your life from unnecessary accidents, it also shows civilization in traffic culture.

    Advice: Emergency situations or situations can reach everyone, long-time drivers, well-prepared cars can still face dangerous incidents on the road at any time. It’s as important as the safest driving experience you need to keep in mind: don’t worry, think twice before acting and the ultimate goal is to keep the passenger and yourself safe. as much as possible.

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