Driving in the opposite direction, passing a red light, using a mobile phone, etc. is one of many driving behaviors that may endanger other drivers.

Overcoming the red light

Like a one-way street, traffic lights are also born to help make traffic safer, orderly, and reduce congestion. However, some drivers have a habit of passing a red light or taking advantage of the last seconds of a yellow light on intersections without a police officer.

This behavior helps them to travel faster than a few dozen seconds or tens of minutes but could miss their entire life or other unfortunate traffic participants. Because traffic lights help one person and the other has the right of way to cross the road, the act of crossing the red light has intentionally robbed the right of priority and put them in particularly dangerous situations.

Drive in the opposite direction

Driving in reverse is not only illegal but also very dangerous. Although not often, some drivers often decide to go against traffic to save a few meters. This is especially dangerous when traveling on one-way roads, highways with inherent traffic volumes, and fast traffic without vigilance for “confrontation” cases such as urban roads or 2-way roads.


Just because of saving a few milliliters of fuel, a bit of driving time, but this behavior puts drivers and other road users in danger.



Use a mobile phone while driving

Using a mobile phone while driving limits your concentration and therefore, you may encounter problems. Classified as extremely dangerous behavior, but using a phone while driving is the error most drivers make.

The root cause is still mainly due to saving time to stop calling, replying to messages




Do not go in the right lane

This is a bad habit that many Vietnamese drivers violate most by the habit of “filling in the blanks” and being selfish when participating in traffic. You can easily see this situation when moving in urban areas but it only causes traffic congestion is the main, not dangerous to others like when driving on the highway.

The lanes on the expressway help to increase the speed of traffic while ensuring safety, but some drivers have the habit of taking priority lanes to run at high speed or overtaking or using the “fast lane”. ”On the far right to run slowly. Some drivers even prefer to travel between two lanes or suddenly change lanes, increasing the risk of accidents on the highway.

Use headlights indiscriminately

Using unnecessary high-beam headlights can help you see a bit further but blind the vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, increasing the chances of a head-on collision. Many drivers even use the headlights even when walking in a street that has been illuminated by the street lights or does not descend when the oncoming vehicle has actively turned on the headlights.

Headlights are born to help drivers better observe when traveling on a deserted road without lights, drivers should lower the lights cos when there are vehicles going in the opposite direction to avoid putting others in dangerous situations.

Abuse Hazard lamp

Harzard lights, also known as priority lights, warning lights, emergency lights which are used in some emergencies mainly stop when the vehicle is in trouble and are blocking the way of other vehicles. It has both a priority function for vehicles experiencing an emergency and a warning feature for other road users to avoid unnecessary collisions.

The indiscriminate use of emergency lights can mislead other vehicles and also lose its true meaning.

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