Baby days, Hanoi in my mind is something very strange. Only when I went to university did I set foot in Hanoi. For the first time, it felt so nervous, a little curious. But that feeling disappeared quickly because of the noise and bustle different from my hometown. After 4 years of college, I feel that Hanoi is my second home and I want to stay here because Hanoi is very beautiful, its people are also kind and enthusiastic.

Hanoi is beautiful throughout 4 seasons, each season, Hanoi puts on a new coat, a new beauty that captivates people. Those who have lived, or just once passed, will never forget a bustling, noisy Hanoi, but sometimes peaceful and gentle as a girl.

Spring, a bit chilly of the remaining winter winds, a little more drizzle but not heavy but also makes people feel. I like the feeling of walking in the rain the most, small raindrops fluttering in the wind, hitting my face gently, gently.


Summer in Hanoi is showers, the sun is so bright. Life is also noisy, more bustling. Summer in Hanoi is like a girl, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, sometimes boiling and sometimes mild. Summer isn’t the best season of the year, but summer has its own features that others don’t. In the summer, there are flowers whose beauty makes people want to get up early on the road, breathe the fresh air of the early morning. The feeling of watching the sunrise in the early morning, watching the sunset in the afternoon is very interesting. Even if the summer heat makes us sweat because it is too hot or feels uncomfortable, we still have to admit that the feeling of walking on the windy streets and watching a sleepy Hanoi How interesting it is, and I love Hanoi from such seemingly simple and simple moments.

In 4 seasons, to me, Hanoi is the most beautiful in the fall. Perhaps because the autumn’s sunshine was softer, it no longer made people feel hot, and a little more chill of the lucky pig wind. Autumn will not be autumn without milk flowers. Imagine going out late at night, passing the familiar road, suddenly the smell of milk flower falls in front of me, very light, very light, just thinking that was comfortable. Autumn trees also change, the leaves are no longer blue, the flowers are no longer brilliant but have turned yellow, making life soothing, people also live more slowly, Hanoi brings a beauty. ancient, nostalgic.

In winter, the rains are no longer replaced by cold, numb monsoon winds. Scenes, people are also more sad. But not so that Hanoi is no longer exciting. In winter, I like the feeling of sitting on the hot pot, sitting on the stove of corn grilled, the feeling of taking a deep breath and exhaling smoke is interesting. Imagine the winter with the chills that eating a pop of ice cream will be very interesting.

Hanoi is beautiful like that, sometimes exciting and boisterous, making people happy and excited, sometimes making people peaceful, gentle, sometimes making people feel sad, but who lived in I don’t want to leave this city.



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