Step 1: Choose the car rental you want

Firstly, you need to plan on what kind of car rental you have, how many seats, when is the car rental period, when is the return time.

Then, you visit the website to consult the model and price.

You need to discuss with family members or company to choose the most suitable car, avoid choosing vehicles that are too large to waste or too tight to annoy the people in the car.

Step 2: Request a tourist car rental unit for a quote

When contacting a travel car rental company, you need to specify for them the type of vehicle you need to rent, the date of hire, the location of your pick-up vehicle, departure time, return time, destination, number Phone receives quotes

After knowing exactly the information that you provide, the company will quote for you via the following three ways:

* Phone:

Please contact the car rental unit’s hotline directly at 0945 31 96 69 – 043 200 0652

* Email:

Please send mail to:

* Online:

You click on the “book a car” button on the right hand side, below the website to leave information at the contact section. And we will get back to you soon

Step 3: Book a tour and sign a car contract

After receiving the quotation, if the customer agrees, the customer will confirm the reservation and sign a contract.

Customers can go to the company’s headquarters at: P1401, 130 Nguyen Duc Canh, Hoang Mai, Hanoi

Or sign a contract via Email:

Step 4: Payment

After the customer has signed a contract with the tourist car rental unit, please make a deposit of 50% of the contract value in advance. And after the end of the contract, customers will pay the driver cash or transfer to the company

Usually, car rental prices of car rental companies include cars, drivers, gasoline, tolls

Price does not include parking fees and meals, rooms for drivers

Any questions from customers during the car rental process will be answered at the company’s hotline number 0945 31 96 69 – 043 200 0652

Very happy to serve you

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