Have you ever tried traveling alone? Do you have any questions? Viettra would like to tell you some experience to help you confidently travel alone comfortably and happily.

Notes required

Traveling alone is not the same as when you are traveling with family, friends or taking tours. Every problem you have to find out and solve by yourself. So before you plan to travel, you need to note the following.

– Safety is still a top priority for every trip.

You need to be well prepared, prepare the necessary medicines (antipyretic, myalgia, antiseptic, …), personal papers should be photocopied, scanned and emailed of yourself and your loved ones to prevent the loss of papers.

– Should notify the plan to everyone

Be aware of any uncertainties that may occur, before you go, you need to tell your family and friends about the trip plan so that they can be assured and can help you when you encounter difficulties.

Be careful when moving

– If you travel by public transport, you need to pay attention to your backpack and bags to prevent thieves, you should not trust anyone, including women holding their backpacks.

– If you are traveling by coach, you should talk to the driver about your stop and ask them to remind you when approaching the stop.

Be confident in yourself

Going alone is an interesting experience, helping you to be stronger and stronger so be confident you can do it. You should prepare everything necessary, plan what you will do in each location, when facing difficulties, you should not be afraid but be calm and confident in your solution.

You also need to find out where you can help when you are in trouble (police stations, border guards, military barracks, ..).

Be friendly and smile

During the journey, you will meet a lot of strangers, but smile and be friendly with them so that you are no longer isolated and maybe the same people will help you when needed.

Follow the rules of your destination
Do not try to make yourself the focus of attention, which is very detrimental to you and maybe bad guys will notice you. Take a closer look at the culture of lifestyle, eating, and taboos where you will go. It is also a way of showing respect to them.


Traveling alone helps you learn many life lessons. You learn the power, the toughness, the confidence to overcome challenges and fears. You learn how to plan, learn to live independently with less material, learn how to be responsible for all decisions, … If you are a traveler and like to discover new things, plan your travel alone now. There is still a saying: “No one takes a bath 2 times in a river”, only one youth, please take the time to do it.

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