Co To is a small island district in Quang Ninh province, Co To island is about 25 km from the mainland. Co To Island is ranked in the top 10 beautiful tourist islands in Vietnam along with Phu Quoc Island, Nam Du Island, Ly Son Island, … This will be an ideal choice for this summer’s trip for you and your family.

It takes nearly 3 hours by train to the island if you take a regular train and about 90 minutes if you take the express train. However, express trains only depart 1 hour only 13:00 pm, and regular trains have the time frame. .

In recent years, Co To is one of the attractive destinations for young people, because of its wild, natural beauty, unimproved by people, the sea here is very clear, clean and has many rocky beaches. Naturally beautiful. Therefore, it is not wrong to call Coto a paradise of discovery.

Arriving at Co To, you cannot miss these places: Cau My Rock Beach, Love Road, Van Chai Beach, Lighthouse, Uncle Ho Monument, ..

Cau My Rock is the most beautiful place to catch the sunrise on the island, this is a natural sedimentary rock system that has been worn down over the years by seawater forming rock layers, different colors and shapes that make up a Nature’s marvelous picture of nature


The road of love is where couples often go for a walk, also where young people often do barbecue here. The road is 2 km long, paved with red bricks, on both sides are two rows of green trees.

Uncle Ho’s monument is located in the center of the island town, right next to the road of love, this is the place where often exchange activities for people on the island and tourists.

Van Chai Beach is located at the end of the island, where it has fine sand, big waves and clear blue water, which is suitable for organizing sports activities on the sea.

“Lighthouse” station is one of more than “30 eyes of the night sea” operating throughout the territorial waters of Vietnam, this lighthouse was built in the late 19th century. Standing on the lighthouse you can comfortably take in panoramic views of Co To Island, from the picturesque beach town, mixed with lush green forests, calmly humble and homely roofs.

In addition to the above locations, Co To has many other interesting and attractive points. Once you try to visit Co To, you will never forget the special things here.



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