Japan, also known as the land of cherry blossoms, is a country with a homogeneous culture and ethnicity, this is also a country with many unique and strange cultures in the world. Let’s explore some unique cultural features in this country

1. Kimono – Japanese traditional costume

Just like Vietnamese people with Ao Dai are traditional costumes, Japan has Kimono costumes. Kimono means: “clothes to wear”, or Harmony, meaning “Japanese clothes”. Kimonos for women are only one size, people must wear costumes to suit their physique. There are 2 types of long sleeves and short sleeves. The motifs on the Kimono costumes are embroidered by hand very meticulously and fuss. Kimonos are usually used only during holidays.

2. Tea ceremony culture

Tea ceremony is an art of enjoying tea in Japanese culture, developed from about the end of the 12th century. Just 1 small cup of tea, the Japanese have brought their whole soul into that cup of tea. The spirit of the tea ceremony is known by the four syllables, glass, bar and President. Peace is peace, respect is respect for the people above, loving friends, descendants, that is pure, pure, and naturalization is the highest aesthetic limit of leisure tea. If you’ve set foot in Japan, don’t forget to wear a Kimono and enjoy tea ceremony, that will make your soul pure and peaceful.

3. Samurai spirit

When mentioning Samurai, people think of mighty warriors, not retreating before any battle. Samurai is famous for his absolute loyalty to the lord, the will to fight of a great warrior. Today, Samurai warriors are gone, but that spirit is never lost, but it still exists in every Japanese man. It seems to have been imbued in Japanese culture.

4. Japanese communication culture

The Japanese take rituals and rules very seriously. The unwritten rule in communication is that the “lower person” must always greet the “upper person” first and according to that provision, the older person is the upper person of the younger person, the male is the upper female, the male teacher is The above person (regardless of age, circumstances), the guest is the person on the …

The Japanese use the following three types of bow:

– Saikeirei type: bending down slowly and very low is the highest form, showing deep respect and often used in front of the altar in temples of Shinto, Buddhist temples, before the National Flag, before the Emperor .

– Normal bow: my body bends 20-30 degrees and stays for 2-3 seconds. If you’re sitting on the floor and want to say hello, put your hands on the floor, palms face up 10-20cm apart, bow low 10-15cm from the floor.

– The type of bow: the body and head slightly bowed for about a second, hands on the side. Japanese people greet each other several times a day, but only for the first time, they must salute the ceremony, the next time only bowed slightly.

5. Strange features in Japanese culture

In Japanese culture, there are many things that surprised many tourists:

– Take off your flip-flops before going inside, go inside with light slippers.

– Immediately say thank you, sorry for asking or bothering

– Eat raw food like fish …

– Custom of giving Tet gifts and Mid-Autumn presents

– Eating blind ramen or Soba slumped down, according to the Japanese concept of eating like that shows to the chef that the dish is very delicious.

– Japanese style toilets, when going to the toilet do not know whether to turn in or turn out, actually turn in.

– Do not give tips when in Japan

Japanese culture is an example of the intersection between traditional culture and modern culture. A culture that has created the development of society both materially and spiritually throughout Japan.

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