Compliance with the administration of the Administration Department
The driver always arrives at the pick-up point 10 minutes in advance, in case of objective or subjective reasons, the passenger is late for reception, or the passenger is not able to arrive at the airport 5 minutes after the hour of departure, the airport is delayed, canceled, delay … the driver must call:
Car operators at the factory
VIETTRA operator (Desk: 0243 662 9065, 0945319669, Ms Van 0913969589)
Upon receiving the dispatch instruction from the Administration Department to request the driver to comply, do not refuse or hand over to another driver, knowing the number of passengers, guest name, pickup location, pick-up time … .. In the school If the vehicle is unknown, the driver of the vehicle must be asked immediately.
The attitude of being happy, welcoming, enthusiastic, talking on the phone loudly, clearly, politely, carrying things, opening the door for guests …… When asking for the signature of the guest, ask to smile, open and say ” Please sign and confirm for me ”
Strictly abide by regulations on seat belts when driving.
Always find the shortest path, save the most time, not necessarily on the same journey.
Do not use the phone during guest service (except for the phone numbers for the Administration department). Always leave the phone in vibrate mode.
Do not eat, drink, chew gum, wear a cap … while serving customers.
When driving on factory premises, restricting the use of horns except in dangerous cases to use horns to warn for safety purposes .., especially strictly forbidden to go at high speed (maximum speed: 5 km. /H).
Absolutely do not go out, drive outside the factory premises without the consent of the company’s Administration. In case you need to ask to go out for any reason (tire repair, car repair, vehicle registration …), you must notify VIETTRA’s vehicle operator to operate VIETTRA’s vehicle to notify the plant’s operator.
Do not step on grass, preserve nature, sanitation of customers, litter in the prescribed places.
Wash vehicles in accordance with the factory premises. Drivers are only allowed to clean the outside tires, do not use water to spray on the underbody of cars (there are factories that allow washing, there are factories that do not allow).
Taking pictures of a factory is strictly prohibited. In case of necessity, the permission of the person in charge of the plant is required.
Do not enter unauthorized places without permission, for example: Living room, reception area, workshop …….
Smoking is strictly prohibited in certain places (some factories do not smoke)
Must strictly keep confidential the information received during working at the company.
Not participating in the story of customers, employees riding at work places.
Polite and neat clothes (VIETTRA uniform shirt, casual pants, shoes or sandals, do not wear shorts, T-shirts, slippers)
Go to the right lane, do not cross the road for pedestrians.
Always keep the car fragrant, clean, and safe.
Gathering and gambling during working hours is strictly prohibited.
Do not carry weapons, flammable substances in the car.
Fighting or causing disunity in the workplace is strictly prohibited.
Health requirements.

– Drivers who are physically fit to work, free from respiratory infections or normal contact.

– When there are abnormal health manifestations, it will be promptly notified to the company, so that directions can be promptly addressed. Avoid the case of drivers who are not qualified to work can affect the work.




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