Items that need to be replaced and periodically maintained according to the number of Km for cars is a job to ensure the car is durable, always operates stably, ensures the safety for people, minimizes the failure of machine parts and increase the life of the engine, ensuring durability for the operation of the vehicle.

However, it should be noted that each manufacturer has its own specific requirements. So do not forget to refer to the information in the manual that comes with the vehicle.

Different car manufacturers will have different timing for maintenance of new car engine. However, the first level of maintenance will range from 3,000km to 5,000km, equivalent to 3-6 months of car use from the time the car first operates. For the first car maintenance, the car owner should take the car to the repair center instead of self-maintenance. This is a prerequisite step for the long-term operation of the vehicle, so the car owner should not be subjective.

Maintenance of engine of new cars after 3,000 – 5,000km

Usually we will maintain the car periodically after every 3000 km – 5000 km or 3-6 months of use. However, experts still recommend maintenance of newly purchased vehicles at about 3,000 km or 3-4 months for domestic use. Thus the car engine will be best taken care of in the first …

The job you need to do for each routine maintenance is to replace the engine oil, clean the engine filter and air filter. Normally you do not need to change the engine oil every 5000 km, unless the car is often operating in extreme conditions. But after the first 5000 km, you should change the oil because it can get metal scrap. You can then change it every 10,000 km. In addition, if you are more careful, you should ask the technicians to check the brake fluid level, gear oil, coolant, glass cleaner, … and add more if you have a shortage.

Change oil and oil filter system after 5,000 – 10,000km

In this second oil change you should also replace the oil filter. Oil filter is responsible for keeping the dirt, helping the engine lubricated with clean oil and always works well. Experts recommend that the oil filter be replaced at the same time as the oil change, every 10,000 km. In addition, at this point you should also reverse the tire if necessary, and then continue to reverse the tire every 10,000 km.

Especially, for vehicles operating about 20 – 30km a day with the condition that the amount of motor oil is continuously heated, this time period is quite accurate. In contrast, for cars that travel less than 20km a day, they should change the oil at an earlier time. The reason is that because the car operates less, the amount of oil that is left in the car will be more and more, can gradually cause clumping and adversely affect the engine, so it is necessary to change the oil earlier than the more active cars.

 Whether it is a new car or a long-term used car, regular oil changes are essential to ensure the vehicle’s durability. When changing engine oil, the vehicle owner should consult a car maintenance specialist about the type of oil that is suitable for the vehicle they have used so that the oil can give the best possible effect.

Replace engine air filter after 30,000 – 40,000 km

In principle, the air filter works to bring clean air into the combustion chamber to help increase ignition efficiency, thereby ensuring smooth operation for the engine. In the case of dirty air filter due to long-term dust, the amount of air going into the engine compartment will be reduced, thereby making the car feel grumpy or consume more fuel than usual.

Every 30,000 km, the air filter and air conditioner filter will be dirty and clogged, affecting the operation of the engine and your health. You need to change the engine and air conditioning filters periodically after 30,000 km to make the engine work more smoothly and save fuel, while helping the air conditioning system work and protect your health.

According to the common recommendation of the car manufacturer, customers should change the air filter every 30,000 – 40,000 km of use. However, this factor will depend on the usage of each person. Therefore, whenever the maintenance period, if the air filter is too dirty, car users should change immediately to ensure everything works smoothly.

After 40,000 km

Responsible for igniting the engine, the spark plug is a quick wear and tear on a car due to frequent impacts by electrical sparks. If not replaced promptly, car users will encounter inhibiting situations such as difficulty in starting or stalling.

Therefore, according to common standards, car users need to replace spark plugs every 30,000 – 40,000 km of use. In addition, there are many different types of spark plugs on the market that give different life milestones. For example, the type of Iridium after 10,000 km will need to be replaced, while Platium must take up to 40,000 km

Electric power steering system: 50,000km / time

If your vehicle has electric power steering, we must make sure it is maintained as well as other engine systems. Normally, power systems are hydraulically operated. Therefore, at about 50,000 km or a certain maintenance time you should clean, change water if necessary to increase the life and safety of cars

Changing gearbox oil: 50,000 km / time

Gearbox oils are often supplied by the vehicle manufacturers separately due to the complexity in the structure and blending of many different oils. Therefore, when changing gearbox oil every 50,000 km should bring into the company to replace the correct type of oil; or use an alternative high-grade oil if recommended by the company. Because of the importance of gearboxes, when considering the time, the distance traveled will have the best preparation to help older cars have a “longer” life.

Changing automatic transmission oil: 50,000 – 100,000km

In the eyes of experts, the advice for customers is to change the automatic transmission oil every 70,000 – 80,000 km with normal driving conditions. In harsh driving conditions, oil change should be earlier with about 50,000 – 70,000km … These numbers do not convert to the time of use; Some cars will probably need to be replaced in 5 to 6 years if they reach a certain distance, but there are also some cars that need to change their automatic gearbox oil about 10 years if not run regularly.

Driving belts: 70,000 – 100,000km

Driving belts, also known as cam belts, play a role in coordinating the operation of the engine’s external and internal parts such as valves and pistons. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check that the drive belts are in perfect working condition.


Driving belts should be replaced in the range of 70,000 – 100,000km. Regularly check the drive system to see whether the belt is cracked or broken for timely replacement. Weather like some provinces in the Central region is very hot, belts fast drying and breaking are unavoidable. Small lubrication so that the drive system does not dry out.                

Cooling water: 80,000 – 100,000km

Engine coolant after a long working time will be degraded, can cause deposits and affect the cooling system of the vehicle. You need to rinse the radiator and replace the entire cooling water periodically after every 100,000 km to ensure the cooling system always works best, the engine does not overheat when working. This is also when you consider replacing parts such as spark plugs, brake pads … if necessary.


Change car brake fluid on average every 2 years

The brakes are the most impactful, thermodynamic parts, so that corrosion and performance testing should be done regularly and periodically. Brake fluid should be and replaced every 2 years to ensure that the brakes are always working well to ensure stable handling when there are unexpected situations on the road. So in the period of regular car maintenance you should pay attention to timely replacement.

Clean cooling system every 3 years

The cooling system should be checked for leaks and performance in the time period stated by the manufacturer and must be cleaned every 2-3 years. The cooling system after 2-3 years will release a toxic substance that can corrode the exhaust pipes. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the cooling system to protect the battery as well as improve the performance of the cooling system in the car.

Check back often

In addition to the periodic inspection items, there are parts, systems on the vehicle that you need to check regularly or check every time you use the car to ensure the car is always in the best condition. Parts that need regular inspection include: Brake system, steering system, suspension, lighting system, dashboard warning lights, tires, batteries, damping (fork) test, springs, rubber, ..

Check the warning lights on the dashboard: When the engine switch is turned on, all the indicator lights must light up after 30-60 seconds, the lights will turn off slowly depending on the system lights and when you explode All the warning lights must be turned off. If there are any indicator lights on the system, indicate that the system on your vehicle is having trouble.


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